We can maintain your existing refrigeration and air conditioning systems so that they are running as efficiently as possible.

Our annual checks on any refrigeration or air conditioning system containing more than 3kg of refrigerant certify that your equipment meets F-Gas regulations.

Look after equipment and there is less chance of a breakdown at critical times.

Preventative maintenance contracts reduce the chance of a breakdown at a crucial moment and ensure your systems are working correctly and efficiently.

Air conditioning systems that are not well maintained often have dirty filters and coils.  Once dirt builds up on these, the efficiency of the system will decline.  After time, this will also cause problems such as condensation leaks and bad odours.

For systems with over 3kg of gas, we provide a maintenance sheet that complies with the new F-Gas regulations to ensure there are no refrigeration leaks.

Book a maintenance call with Pretty Cool Customers on 0208 245 4456 to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible.